Monday, March 15, 2010

Ode on the Hamburger

Hamburger, hamburger,
Beef patty 'twixt bun,
I like 'em cooked rare,
No, please not well done!

A third of a pound,
Of ground beef, grade A.
Trust me, you won't throw
One morsel away.

Heap on the extras,
Toppings galore,
Pickle, onion,
Mustard and more.

Cheeseburger with mushrooms,
All melty with goo,
A side of French-fried
Po-tah-toes, too.

Three strips of bacon,
And grilled onions, hoss.
And, hey, while you're at it,
Some barbecue sauce!

The dominion of burgers
Has a dark side as well:
Burger King, Wendy's,
From Hamburger Hell.

McDonald's hamburgers,
That shit's no good.
I sure don't eat them.
Nobody should!

But mostly hamburgers
Are juicy-delicious,
Utterly beefy,
And fairly nutritious.

So fry 'em up, hurry!
Grill me some chow.
I got a cravin'
For ground-up dead cow.

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Kid Shay said...

This would make a fantastic country/western song.

Anonymous said...

It's no Ho Ho Moe

BillBow Baggins said...

KS, Ooh, I'm gonna set it to music. If only I knew how.

Anon, Name me one thing that is.