Thursday, September 24, 2009

Olivia Hussey

While we at McBone aren't really into the objectification of women, sometimes we just can't help ourselves.  I saw the horror classic Black Christmas the other day, and now I'm just going to lay it all on the line.  With apologies to Audrey Hepburn*, the title of Most Beautiful Actress of All Time has got to go to Zeffirelli's Juliet:

Olivia Hussey.  I defy you to find a more beautiful actress.


*For my egregious betrayal of Audrey Hepburn, my wife has labeled me a fairweather fan and is no longer speaking to me.


SeMm said...

Sienna Miller (the only argument to be made is that she's not an actress).

Otherwise, '90s Elisabeth Shue.

But I agree, more or less.

BillBow Baggins said...

There's nothing wrong with Elisabeth Shue, especially in Leaving Las Vegas. Nothing at all.

Sienna Miller. I've seen her in the Edge of Love. Nice looking, but I wasn't doing back flips.


Kid Shay said...

You're on a blogging roll, my friend.

Elisabeth Shue in that babysitting movie...doesn't get much better than that.

C.J. said...

I couldn't agree more with your choice, Hund. So so so beautiful!

The fact that they could show her classic Juliet in school-- a film in which she appears naked-- might is even more reason to love her.

50% English, 50% Argentine...
Makes me think I need to follow in her genetic makeup.

Good work!

Tidal Gardens said...

I was just about to say she looked hot

danielodyssey said...

Olivia Hussey was a favourite of mine when I was 15. A real cutie. Have you seen Jane Fonda in Barefoot in the Park? Marilyn Monroe in Some Like it Hot? Diana Rigg as Emma Peel? Grace Kelly in Rear Window? Maureen O'Sullivan in Tarzan and his mate? Nastassja Kinski in Passionflower Hotel? All immensely attractive. Let's face it. All women at some time in their life, are absolutely gorgeous.