Thursday, May 24, 2007

Make or Break Time for the Cavaliers.

As the hour approaches of what could be the biggest game in Cavaliers history, many thoughts have passed through my mind. Will this be the night one of my Cleveland teams finally breaks through for an important win? Are the Cavaliers as good as I think they are, or is just the overwhelming bias I have for Cleveland teams talking?The answers to those questions will be realized very soon but one fact remains true: I want the Cavs to win so bad tonight that it hurts inside. The pain I will feel if the wine and gold loses tonight will rival that of losing a family member, breaking up with that first true love, or that vicious throbbing pain when you hit your head on the corner of a table.

As I sit at my desk struggling to focus on anything other than the epic battle at hand this evening; I wonder what it would feel like the next morning if one of my teams actually wins a game of this magnitude. Some of you might say this is only game 2 and there is plenty of basketball to play. Others might argue if the Cavs take them to 6 or 7 games it will have been a successful season. Maybe, but I say I am ready for one of my teams to win a big series RIGHT NOW. Not next year, not the year after and not 40 years from now when I have sports fanatic children of my own. I have earned the right to see the Cavs win this series. I don't care if they lose in the finals 4-0. A win against the Pistons would do so much for this city, for the organization and for the psychological health of all those diehard fans out there.

So please, please Lebron, I implore you to do this for me and everyone else out there who feels the way I do right now. Throw it in the faces of all these idiots who doubt your ability to become the greatest. I know you have an uphill battle ahead of you and the pressure on your shoulders is enormous. Keep playing your brand of basketball and trust your teammates. You and I know this is the only way for this team to win.

The Cavs could do something special in the next week and it starts with winning tonight. Dan Gilbert has asked everyone out there to "Rise Up" and support the Cavaliers in their journey through the playoffs. One team, one city and one goal. Pour a martini, put on your cavaliers colors and LETS GET A FUCKING WIN!


BillBow Baggins said...

COME ON CAVS!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

this is it! today history will change