Saturday, January 5, 2008

Vote Mike Gravel, '08

Remember, while we are engaged in a phantom war, led by a mass murdering, phony Christian, there is a candidate out there with real vision of peace for the future. He is a 77 year old former senator who earned 0% of the vote in yesterday's caucus in Iowa.



Anonymous said...

Your boy just got 0% in NH. That's zero fucking percent! I think it's time you joined the Obama train.

BillBow Baggins said...

Correction: 0.1%, thank you very much.

I'm voting for Gravel in the primary, and nothing can change it. If he drops out, Kucinich.

One of the reasons I'm sticking with Gravel is his stance on the question of faith. When asked what he believes in, he says he believes in love. That is not from the mouth of a hippie, but a former senator, and it influences every position he takes, from gay marriage (he's for it), to the war (he wants to end it now).

I will vote for Obama if he is the democratic nominee.


Is this you, Mike?

Kid Shay said...

That video was fantastic.

If anything, there should be 4 parties. Waaay left, Democrat, Republican, Waaay right. Then none of the parties can claim their candidate had any votes "stolen" by a 3rd party.

Otherwise, Gravel and Kucinich will never get to participate fully in debates (or get much coverage in the news).