Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Victory at Indian Wells; The 2011 McBone Swimsuit Edition

Wow, what a busy week!  And what a good idea I had, swearing off junk food for Lent.  I guess I wasn't doing myself any favors noshing on Frito-stuffed burritos and Scotch eggs all year, because a new regimen paid immediate dividends. Turns out being 40 pounds lighter and able to move one's bowels from time to time will do wonders for the old energy and stamina. Who knew?

Slimmed down and sleeker than ever, I avenged my US Open loss to that infernal Spaniard, the soon-to-not-be-#1-ranked Rafael Nadal, in the final of the Paribas Open at Indian Wells. Okay, so Indian Wells isn't the 2008 Austrialian Open, but give me a break, McBoners.  Nadal and Federer (slayed mercilessly by yours truly in the semifinal) aren't exactly a walk in the park.  Fuck, a win's a win, and I whipped Nadal in three easy-breezy sets.  Hell, I even spotted him a set before kicking it into overdrive.  That's confidence for you.  Booyah!

Well, I wasn't ready to call it a week just yet, so I grabbed the trophy and booked it on over to Malibu to chillax for a minute and snap a few photos for the 2011 Swimsuit Edition.

I think you'll appreciate these shots for my renovated torso:

And the cross indicating my loyalty to the religion of Christianity. Yessir, nothing like kicking back in Malibu and throwing on an $800 dollar pair of shades to make things right with the umpire in the sky.

Fuck, was that supposed to be a five set match?

It's good to be champion.  Until next year, sit back, chillax and enjoy! 

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Cinematheque for All said...

Do you really take your towel into the ocean with you?

And are you still wearing black socks in these photos?

Nice wins, BTW.