Sunday, March 27, 2011

Peace Offering

Today's post about Wal-Mart's crummy pay scale really gave Kid Shay the blues.  Can't have that.  Here's something to lift the spirits of our resident artist:

Chan Marshall--musician, big game hunter

Cartoonists are a temperamental lot.  All smiles one minute, in the next they are smashing a hotel room to bits.  And you just never know what's going to set them off.

Here's hoping this small offering will keep the demons away...for now.



Kid Shay said...

What kind of a world is it where a man can walk on the moon yet gets voted off Dancing with the Stars?

Thanks for starting the week off right. Listening to The Greatest today while I wrote comics, I knew everything was gonna be okay.

McBone said...

And meanwhile I was tapping away to Jukebox. All is right with the world.