Sunday, March 27, 2011

Not Trickling Down

Just glancing over the Forbes 400 richest Americans and noticing that the list is conspicuously littered with one surname.

4) Christy Walton - 24 billion

7) Jim Walton - 20.1 billion

8) Alice Walton - 20 billion

9) S. Robson Walton - 19.7 billion

98) Ann Walton Kroenke - 3.2 billion

136) Nancy Walton Laurie - 2.6 billion

That's six people in one family with a combined net worth of 89.6 billion dollars.  The company's CEO, Mike Duke, pulls in 6 million dollars per annum.

What, pray, does the average full-time Wal-Mart employee bring in on an hourly basis?

$11.75 an hour.

What, in Wal-Mart's opinion, constitutes full time?

34 hours a week.

I wish that these six Waltons could be made to live on $20,000 for one year.  That would make for some good reality TV right there.

Rah capitalism.


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Kid Shay said...

Wow, thanks for the Sunday downer, McBone. Blogging conventions state that your next post be unabashedly happy. A single picture of Chan Marshall will suffice.