Wednesday, March 2, 2011


This is Uncle Ed.  Clinging to his upper body is the legendary FUN IN THE SUN 1982 t-shirt, not seen since being routinely tossed into the laundry in July of 2009.

Fun in the Sun 1982 t-shirt, ca. 1997

Steeped in 1,000 sweat-throughs, Uncle Ed's favorite t-shirt won its lofty status in the crucible of his white hot pits.

What fate befell this prized garment, washed and tumble-dried to near transparency after 27 years of weekly wearings?  A number of scenarios have been floated by friends, family and conspiracy theorists--each plausible and, as yet, unproven:

-Purloined by a covetous Uncle Pete.

-Disintegrated during spin cycle, merged with other clothes.

-Still in his possession, after color and lettering faded away, as a plain white t-shirt.

-Slowly lowered by Aunt Fay into garbage disposal.


If, in your travels, you should happen upon a lonely and very light blue t-shirt huddled against the rain, show no disdain.  Pick it up.  The FUN IN THE SUN 1982 t-shirt and Uncle Ed were made for each other.  It is his second skin.  They are one, and something so beloved deserves not this desolate fate.



Kid Shay said...

I consider this a eulogy for all the great t-shirts that have been lost (or, ahem, "lost") over the years.

McBone said...

Yes, consider this a general lament for the fallen tees.


creative jenny said...

I can relate to this story as I also have my very, very old and favourites. I have even traced some of them after 10 years of absence in some one else's body.... :-)
But, in this particular case, I am sure Aunt Fay discreetly did some magic!
Still, Libyans could be the responsible ones.....