Saturday, March 6, 2010

Googling McBone

A couple weeks ago, McBone posted for the 500th time.  Significant?  Perhaps so, considering that when we started out we were pretty sure this whole internet thing would have blown over by now.  Hey, with technology there's always something cooler out there.

Anyway, the net has endured, and so have we.  In commemoration of this (colossal?) achievement, we present, courtesy of Google Analytics, the top ten Google keyword searches that have landed cyber surfers, usually for intervals of .04 seconds, at McBone.  Included are links to some of the posts that have made us darlings of the search engine.

1) Kristin Bowler - notice that none of the administrators of this blog appear on the list, which is headed by our sister, an admitted maker of homemade mayonnaise.

2) Trough urinals - An astonishing number of visitors to McBone were really just looking for a place to pee.

3) Mustard vs. Mayonnaise - Keeping tabs on the battle of Right vs. White!

4) Recipe for a happy marriage - Corny people in search of corniness.

5) What is in Miracle Whip? - Poison, filth, high fructose corn syrup, etc...

6) Is thousand island dressing bad for you? - No need to Google it.  The answer is yes, YES, YES!

7) Love Cleveland - Because not everyone thinks Cleveland sucks.

8) Mayonnaise coffee creamer - I don't like to imagine what kind of lunatic craving could motivate a Google search like this.

9) George Washington Abraham Lincoln to Heaven - Heaven: the down-low for dead presidents.

10) Carlo Rossi Burgundy - What T.V. dinner pairs best?  Salibury steak or turkey with gravy?

Curiously, Chan Marshall was nowhere to be found on this list.

Thanks, McBoners, for your continued support of the McBone.  Without you, I'd probably be living under a bridge.

See you in another 500 posts!

nwb (on behalf of jab)

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Kid Shay said...

On behalf of Falling Rock and Alan Rickman, congratulations.