Saturday, April 7, 2007

I love Cleveland...And here is why

Those who know me well understand that I live my life vicariously through the Cleveland sports teams. They are my passion and will always be a central part of my existence. These same people will also know that when I set goals I achieve them no matter how much of an underdog I am. I played college basketball even though my high school coach stuck me at the end of the bench until my senior year and when everyone around me besides my family said I wasn't good enough. I have told people I would work for the Cavs at some point in my life, and although I had no favors to cash in or contacts to help persuade someone to hire me, I got it done.
I think this attitude mirrors the attitude of Cleveland; its people, its businesses, sports teams and history. Cleveland has been bruised and battered. It has been through the best of times and the very worst. Everyday is a struggle to free itself from the destructive poverty and crime created by weak economic structure. None of this stops the people from expressing their passion and love for their city.
This was never more evident then yesterday, opening day for the Cleveland Indians. As usual nothing came easy for the prideful Cleveland citizens. The elements dominated the game and the people brave enough to attend. It was cold (15 deg. with the windchill), it was windy and it was snowy as hell but the fans still flocked to local bars to celebrate another hopeful Cleveland team kicking off its season. The passion and optimism was bursting as everyone, even if for a few short hours, were joined together on a united front to watch their treasured Indians. Maybe this will be the team that finally brings a championship back to Cleveland, maybe it won't, but the pride of a historic city drinking lagers and screaming, "Let's Go Tribe", was enough to make anyone be proud to be a Clevelander.
Hope is an important thing for the people of this city, and our sports team play a huge role in that feeling.This city, like myself, will never stop fighting for what it believes in and for a chance to make EVERYONE be again proud to call Cleveland home.
Go Tribe.


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