Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Un Dernier Repas avec Hélène

Our time here in France is winding down. A mere week remains and already we've torn down much of what decorated our wonderful apartment in La Roche-sur-Yon.
It's sad, yes, but tonight we celebrated two extraordinary years with an extraordinary meal, likely our last truly French repast for a long while. Our friend Hélène was kind enough to indulge my taste for Gallic cuisine, and so we found ourselves in Restaurant le Rivoli, where my meal commenced with a warm gizzard and foie gras salad, drizzled with an exquisite balsamic vinaigrette. Following that I supped upon succulent veal medallions and potatoes prepared in a rich curry sauce. All of this was, of course, washed down with a superb bottle of white wine (though I can't remember what label, dammit!!!), a perfect compliment to my veal and Alex's delicious salmon.
In addition, Hélène has helped us find an apartment and write CVs and cover letters in French, which for non-native speakers, is as easy as molecular biology. Thank you, Hélène, not just for tonight, but for all you have done for us this year. Please, please come see us in the U.S. anytime you want.
Restaurant le Rivoli has earned the official McBone Seal of Approval, McB, and a four-star **** rating in the McBone Guide to Dining.

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