Sunday, August 5, 2007

Dick Cheney: Possibly the World's Most Horrible Person

We at McBone spend a lot of time railing against our incompetent Commander-in-Chief. Can you blame us? His utter contempt for human life and the environment make him one of the more loathesome characters in recent memory. In fact, we so deplore the presidency of George Bush that we often neglect another warmonger whose own evildoing has resulted in tens of thousands of needless deaths.
Reckless, remorseless Dick Cheney is truly one of the most frightening individuals alive. Of all the misleading voices to lead us into an unnecessary war, his was among the loudest. That's why McBone fully endorses Dennis Kucinich's movement to have our snarling and sneering vice president impeached.
Congressman Kucinich introduced articles of impeachment to congress in April, and his action got a rousing applause at yesterday's Yearly Kos debate. Was his move politically motivated? Sure. The guy is running for president, after all. That doesn't make him any less right. He and 16 of his peers have been the only ones with the guts to attempt this. Impeached? It's too good for this war criminal.
Other things we don't like about the VP:
That he's the VP.
That he's in bed with Halliburton.
That he's against gay marriage.
That he's a CIA leaker.
That he sneers all the time.
That he lied to us because he wanted war.
That he avoided military service.
That he claims his office isn't part of the exectutive branch.
That he shoots people in the head.
That he founded the scary and disturbing Project for the New American Century with Donald Rumsfeld and William Kristol.
That he's creepy.
That he's anti-environment.
That he's pro-fossil fuels.
That he's scum.

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