Sunday, August 26, 2007

I Gotta Find a Job, but I Don't Wanna Teach No Mo'.

As it stands, I am a cook. I'm fairly competetent, too. It's good work. Good, honest, demanding work, but I do not want to be a cook forever.

My experience tells me that the logical choice is to become a teacher. After all, I've spent the past three years teaching people of all ages and backgrounds how to properly use the English language. I've even enjoyed it at times.

And after three years I can say without reservation that the profession I have the most respect for is teaching. Teachers willingly assume the responsibility of educating the brats of the world, our screaming, sneezing, stinky, vomiting, back-talking, pants-wetting, tattling, fighting, germ-infested brats. Teachers deal with hormones. With large classes. With underfunding. With, god help them, parents. Teachers have to make lesson plans and grade homework and tests. Teachers have to discipline.

Teachers really deserve the great benefits that come with the job. I think they should be paid as much as they can spend. For those of you who disagree, try teaching full time for a week. You will quickly change your minds, I promise.

Personally, I would rather disembowel myself with a spork than become a full-time teacher. And yes, I know I'm focusing on the negative. I know that teaching has its share of glories, but it's the negatives that make eviscerating myself with a plastic utensil a much more desirable option.

So, what is Nate going to do? That's the question I'll be trying to answer in the coming months. And don't you worry, McBoners. I'll keep you posted. In the meantime, I'll happily keep slingin' hash.


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