Friday, August 3, 2007

Nate's Friday Sports Extravaganza

Wow, a lot to catch up on this week.


Kenny Lofton is back for a third go 'round. I LOVE this move! Why not sign him through 2008? He's hitting about as well as he did in his prime, he can still run, and he's playing with a purpose--he wants the ring. I have never been a fan of platoon situations, mainly because it always seems like one or both players don't quite cut it (remember the Ben Broussard, Eduardo Perez situation at first base?), but a Lofton/Michaels platoon in left could be really effective I think, because both players are well suited for a part-time role.

The trading deadline is gone, and the Tribe didn't pick up any additional bullpen help. Disappointing? Yes, but I don't believe that ruins our chances. Lately, it's been the hitting and Fielding that has let us down.

Indeed the Tribe has been sputtering, even with Lofton injected injected into the lineup. They can't seem to buy a hit when Carmona and Sabathia pitch. The team I watched lose to the Rangers on Tuesday had about as much energy as a beached whale.

Losing five series in a row at home is basically unacceptable, but at least the Tigers are in a similar funk, and are still but a half game in front of us. Let's hope, though, that it's not that kind of playoff race, two teams crawling toward the finish line, or the Yankees will run away with that wild card.

I'm a tad late on this, but credit the Tribe for having the guts to send down Cliff Lee and credit Lee for accepting the assignment. No doubt that was a tough pill to swallow. I don't know what happened to the guy who won 46 games in the past three seasons, but he hasn't shown up this season.


So far the biggest offseason move for the Cavs has been suing Ticketmaster, and I really don't give a damn.

Boston getting Kevin Garnett makes pretty much no sense to me whatsoever. How does a team as shitty as Boston put together a package that lands them one of the five best players in the league? The clock has to be officially ticking on Kevin McHale's future with the Timberwolves, who I predict will win about 26 combined games in the next 3 seasons, and deserve it.

So, now that Boston magically aquired Kevin Garnett and, of course, Ray Allen, the Celtics are contenders, no two ways about it. I really don't think the Cavs are going to pull off anything big this offseason, so where do they stand? It all depends on what kind of a leap the young guys take. We know what we're getting with Z, Gooden, Varejao, Hughes, Snow, Marshall and Jones. It will be interesting to see if Daniel Gibson is for real, and whether Shannon Brown can do anything besides jump. Then there is LeBron. The best player in the league is going to have to be even better to get back to the finals. The East isn't going to roll over for him.


I'm already sick of hearing the name Brady Quinn, and the national media needs to figure out that this guy is not our starting QB. Honestly, I'm not sure why we bothered drafting the guy. As if a quarterback is going to help matters. Another offensive lineman would have been more to the point, really. As it stands, the Browns have 4 quarterbacks, and I'm not sure it matters who is in there taking snaps.

Anyway, sign a contract, Brady Quinn, get rich and play football.

Speaking of the line, just when it seems that the OL was beginning to resemble something at least reasonably functional...Ryan Tucker gets suspended for 4 games. The beat goes on.

Friday sports addendum:

McBone congratulates former Brown Gene Hickerson for FINALLY making the Hall of Fame. Hickerson had long been snubbed by the HOF, and it's too bad that he was inducted after Alzheimer's disease has made him unable to fully appreciate what he's deserved for decades. The man blocked for three Hall of Fame running backs, including the greates ever, Jim Brown. Better late than never.

Nate's unreasonable prediction of the week:

The Yankees starting infield will be devoured by zombies.

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