Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Farewell, Karl Rove

Karl Rove is "stepping down" as chief advisor to his beleaguered president. Does anyone care at this point? Really, I've spent about all the ire on this guy that I care to on one person. Anyway, it's much too late and the damage is done.
Hold on! Wait! I just took a glance at the paper. I think I found a little more outrage. Just a smidgin. And it's all for you, Karl. The whole dallop. We'll call it a parting gift.
So, stepping down, are you? Meanwhile, 190 are dead today in a Kurdish region of Iraq. Truck bombs. Just make sure you keep reading those headlines, Karl. All those Iraqi deaths are your legacy too, after all.
From swift boats to bans on gay marriage to Iraq, you have worked hard to piss on the American people and, essentially, the rest of the world in equal measure.
As one of the architects of the most destructive administration in our history, McBone bids thee, Karl Rove, farewell. Thanks for all you've done. Adieu, Turd Blossom. Now take your chubby little cheeks back to Texas and rot there.

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