Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Give 'em Hell, Mike Gravel

Yep, I'm still plugging for Mike Gravel, now more than ever. In fact Gravel is the candidate I have felt most strongly about since my voting career began in 1996, when I punched a hole on behalf of Bill Clinton. Since then it seems I have been drifting further and further left. I endorsed Al Gore in 2000 and Dennis Kucinich in 2004. While I am still an admirer of Kucinich, it's Mike Gravel's vim and vigor that has really gotten my attention this time.

Here are ten reasons why he has my vote:
10) He's fiery and doesn't spew a lot of meaningless political drivel.

9) He's effective. As a senator from Alaska he held a five-month filibuster that led to the end of the military draft. He wants to apply his knowledge of politics and policy to make our presence in Iraq a felony. He understands that the invasion of Iraq was, to quote Chomsky, "a war crime," and that such criminals belong in jail.

8) He knows that a military confrontation with Iran would be exactly what the Iraq war has been: a disaster.

7) He does not take contributions from lobbies and corporations. He is not a bought candidate and will not answer to those who line the pockets of our politicians.

6) He wants to end the insane, racist war on drugs and to get our young men and women out of prison.

5) He wants all Americans to have health care.

4) He supports gay marriage. None of this civil union bullshit. No equivocation. Gay marriage. Equal rights. This guy actually marched at the Gay Pride Parade in San Francisco.

3) He wants to bring the troops home yesterday.

2) He supports energy solutions on a global level. Carbon emissions in the US, China and India is the biggest threat to our future and he understands that we need to curb the use of fossil fuels immediately.

1) He wants a direct democracy. If you do too, sign the National Initiative for Democracy, his piece of legislation designed to give citizens the power to make laws at the federal level. With enough signatures, the National Initiative becomes law.

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