Tuesday, August 7, 2007

You Wanna Hear Something Creepy?

Here's something creepy. Honestly, if this doesn't seriously give you the creeps, you must be a real diehard Bush fan, because this is really, really creepy. Ugh, can I tell you how depressing it is that we have to wait all the way until November 4, 2008 for the election?

Anyway, here it is, straight from the Rolling Stone interview of Bill Moyers (this is, as usual, old news that I am just getting around to): "Pat Robertson's Regent University has 150 graduates serving in the exective branch. No university has ever had that many graduates at one time in the government."

Dang! 150! This is a university founded by the vile and uber-Christian Pat Robertson, who once called for the assassination of the democratically elected Hugo Chávez , who blamed 9/11 on lesbians and the ACLU, and who supports the teaching of intelligent design in classrooms. This is a man who, over and over, has proved himself to be a racist and intolerant bastard. In other words, just the type we want influencing our government.

US News and World Report ranks Regent's law school, from where so many of our government officials are plucked, as "tier four." In other words, not elite. Ultra Christian, yes, but not elite.

Um, but enough from me. This rant is done much better here:

Religion and politics, last time I checked, were supposed to be kept a healthy distance from each other. That founding principle is simply not adhered to. And I get so sick of these democrats too, like when Obama says his faith "informs" his every decision or when John Edwards says he doesn't support gay marriage because of his religious convictions. That's crap.

I am not anti-religion. I am not anti-Christian, but Christianity is one of the most destructive forces in US politics. Pat Robertson and his university have infiltrated some of the highest offices in the land, and that scares the crap out of me.



Anonymous said...

we will have to talk about this "enough love for one of them" comment when you cross the Atlantic - you cannot hide my friend. Found a less political but equally as random blog
Heather F.

Anonymous said...

I am a black lesbian, but I love Pat Robertson so much I'm having his baby. If it's a boy, I'll name him after his father. If it's a girl, I'll name her Harriet Tubman.
Love, J.S.