Wednesday, June 30, 2010

All I Want for X-Mas

Oh please, please, please:

This baby should be just about ready by the time my midlife crisis hits.



C.J. said...

Just what we need in this country, drinking and flying!

Wonder how many FBI agents we'll have on those cases! Terrorist, terrorist, terrorist... oh wait, nevermind, just the OU b-ball coach coming home from a hard night in the office!

But hey, as long as we have drive & fly liquor stores that serve Guinness, I'm in! Come & pick me up, Hund!

Kid Shay said...

Personally, I'd prefer to celebrate my midlife crisis aboard the first commercial spacecraft. However, nothing says "I've made it!" like a flying car.

creative jenny said...

I LOVED THIS POST! is what I call fun! can you imagine? being able to 'take off'?? hummmmm, I will sleep like a baby tonight and dream about flying in my little old Renault when the going gets tough. Just perfect!
PS: there is no mid life crisis....