Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Was this guy really our President?

Speaking of Republicans, there is one always worth mentioning when talking about the "right" side of the force. 

GWB.  How the hell in the name of McBone did this human manage to be the President of our country for eight long years?  How did it happen?  It defies any and all logic.  I remember vividly the moment he was elected to his second term.  I was sitting on the arm of my mothers flower patterned couch.  Nate was there, frantically pacing around the house, probably sipping a martini.  Every time a state came back having voted in favor of Bush, words that no man or woman should hear would come roaring out of his mouth.  I recall that I was actually quite calm, foolishly having confidence that the American people couldn't possible re-elect a man who had so blatantly fouled up our country the previous four years. Then the states just kept coming in, and coming in, and coming....and then that damn idiot won. I knew immediately that our country was about to be hit by the biggest natural disaster in American history.  Hurricane Bush.  I told people that voted for him, I hope you are comfortable telling your kids someday that you just voted for the future "worst President in United States history", and you did it twice.  Have fun explaining that when they are learning about him in 4th grade history.

Anyway these clips are timeless and will have a permanent presence on McBone.  This guy couldn't make fire with a blow torch, gasoline and a dried up Christmas tree.


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McBone said...

I wasn't sipping a martini, I was swilling all the alcohol I could get my hands on, trying to numb the pain.