Tuesday, July 6, 2010

1/16th Armenian

When I first met my cousin-in-law Silas, I was immediately struck by his beard, which was clearly authentic, well conceived and chock full of potential.  Furthermore, his diabolical laugh made me think he was simultaneously laughing at my jokes and plotting my doom.  I liked how that deep rolling baritone made my blood run cold. To me, he seemed the perfect mate for my dear cousin Abigail, a bit of a femme fatale/man eater whom only an evil genius and a mind-probe or two could possibly tame.

Enough talk!  Sprung from his loins, behold the fruit of her womb!

Greta Ann was born somewhere in New England on June 30th.

Official Baby Statistics (McBone certified)

Weight: 6' 2"

Length: 17 3/4"

Official Baby Rating

5.0 McBones

McBone codebusters, working overtime, quickly discovered the anagram "Nate Regan" in the newborn's name, perhaps signifying the parent's favorite 1) cousin and 2) president.

McBone would like to offer a enthusiastic McBoneulations to Abby and Silas for a job well done.  May we meet young Nate sooner than later.


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