Monday, June 7, 2010

Thanks for the Memories

Late Saturday night, my old moustache dropped by for a visit.
And as quickly as he came, he was gone again.  Sure was nice to see him, if only for coffee and pie.  I should have liked for him to stay the night, but that's my moustache.  You can't lasso the wind, after all.

Should any of you McBoners happen to meet my moustache on the road, tell him I miss him, I love him and he always has a place to stay, right here between my nose and upper lip.



MrsFallis said...

You look like a serial killer, I think you need more sleep.
we love you anyway -

creative jenny said...

I always enjoy your writing and this time it came with a picture which I interpret as 'very cool'. Thank you Nate, reading your posts always brings joy to me. If I happen to see a flying moustache around my neighbourhood, I promisse to grab it and tell it how much you miss it!

Kid Shay said...

Like a beautiful stranger, gone but not forgotten.

Darin said...

Your mustache looks great, but you look pissed.

I'll keep an eye out for myseriously solo facial hair on the loose.