Monday, June 21, 2010

Manute Bol 1962 - 2010

Manute, there was a world of cocaine and hookers awaiting your retirement and the millions you earned in a unique NBA career, but you chose the path of most resistance by trying to stop what is possibly the world's biggest c-fuck of a situation, the war in Darfur in your native Sudan. 

At 7'7" you must have been the skinniest 230-pound human to ever walk the planet.  Images of you on the court, blocking shots and occasionally lobbing up an ill-advised three pointer, are indelibly etched in my b-ball watching brain.

Few have thrown themselves into a cause like you did, willing to sacrifice your dignity,

your pride,

and the respect of the sports watching world,

to try and raise a little money in the name of stopping this:

Thanks for making the most of your 91 inches.


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