Friday, February 19, 2010

More Mayonnaise Propaganda

A fifteen second glimpse of maniacs indulging in their satanic orgy:

Did you see how much they put on that burger?  These propagandists...they don't bother with a knife and thin coatings, which are bad enough.  Nope, nine times out of ten they're going to the well with wooden spoon.  They don't spread, they plop.  This is the stuff you see on television.

And don't get me started on that poor child, forced to smear his face with a contaminated hot dog.

I swear, these people are worse than Scientologists.



Darin said...

After spending a week in Amsterdam, my only complaint is that every sandwich in that country has mayonnaise on it. It was disgustingly frustrating.

StevenLink said...

Do you search these out in your bid to rid the world of the scourge?

It also cracks me up that of all the times the commercial ran, the one that gets posted aired during a tornado watch. Telling?

Anonymous said...

You, Mr. McBone, are a lardologist. A true lover of pig fat, begat by swine. Except for an occasional piece of bacon or pork chop ---- the nutritional value stops here! Mayonnaise, on the other hand, is made of pure and natural ingredients, from the bosom of Mother Nature.... vegetable oils (obviously, healthful unsaturated ones), eggs (pure protein), and a little vinegar (touch of old wine ---from the fruit pyramid). What more healthful food supplement could there be? When I see you poised with a heaping teaspoon of manteca pura, grinning, I hope that your future progeny will never be subject to these aberrant taste buds of yours. tisk, tisk, (Kathy)

Kid Shay said...

I've noticed a trend recently in all kinds of restaurants of putting mayo on a burger. When did this begin? Now I have to remember to ask to hold the mayo or face the consequences.

McBone said...

Darin, we stand united in repulsion.

Steven, mayonnaise is the perfect storm.

Kathy, how dare you sully the good and wholesome name of lard?

Kid Shay, it's a disturbing trend that needs to stop before it's too late.