Wednesday, February 3, 2010

McBone Babe of the Month

Sorry, Zooey Deschanel.  Even though you, with all your adorable gamine charm, may be the clear choice for the McBone Babe of the Month Award, we find ourselves leaning in a less, shall we say, obvious direction.  Yes, the mere presence of your photo made our previous post go viral and boosted our hit count to double digits for the first time ever (thanks Mom for #4, 9 and 10!), I'm afraid we are compelled to choose another.  OK, sure, maybe your eyes are like two crystalline pools, the depths of which no mere mortal could possibly fathom in one thousand lifetimes.  Whatever.  Our minds are made up.  So grovel all you want, Zooey.  Throw yourself at us if you're that desperate--it will do you no good, because we're going to have to go ahead and give the McBone Babe of the Month Award to the long retired and recently newsworthy creator of Calvin and Hobbes, Bill Watterson.

Furthermore, Watterson's moustache (combined with his northern Ohio pedigree) earns him an unprecedented second honor, this one compliments of the Northern Ohio Moustache League: the NOML Moustache of the Month Award.  While the good people at the NOML are well aware that the last Moustache of the Month was awarded almost a year and a half ago, we would like to point out that the lunar cycle on certain planets in our solar system is the equivalent of 18 months on Earth, which keeps us pretty much right on schedule.

And to those who would protest the objectification of a cartoonist, we invite you to kindly shut your pie holes.  Allow Mr. Watterson to bask in his dual award in peace.  Comic strip artists are, if anything, sex icons, and should be treated as such.



Kid Shay said...

This is why Bill Watterson slaved away all those years at the drawing table.

A post about Zooey and Bill? Nirvana.

McBone said...

All you had to do was mention his moustache and it was on.

They look good together. Maybe McBone could play matchmaker.


Dave said...

How do you know that Zoey doesn't have a moustache too?

McBone said...

Female moustaches are rare and underrated.