Monday, February 8, 2010

America, We Can Do Better

It will be a wonderful day when the first woman is sworn in as president.

Provided it's not her:

Because Sarah Palin is not really a woman, at least not in the modern sense of the word.  She is certainly female; examine her anatomy and you will likely find all the parts prerequisite for the designation.  But a modern woman?  Sorry.  McBone is officially revoking that title.

Why? A truly modern woman, one we'd like to see leading a political party in 2010, transcends the strictures of the white, phallocentric society that we've been trying to slough off for 100 years. Yesterday Palin was the keynote speaker for the Tea Party convention in Nashville. The first thing she did was wish happy birthday to Ronald Reagan.  Reagan! The same Reagan who laid waste to Central America, who narrowed the gap between church and state, who is the most mythically conservative president of all time, who removed the Equal Rights Amendment for women from his party's platform when he ran for president in 1980, who made so many lousy movies it makes my head spin.

If Sarah Palin and her T-bags are seeking to start a revolution in the 21st century by channeling the rock bottom leadership of the 1980s, and if Sarah Palin becomes a legitimate presidential candidate in 2012, and if we somehow nominate and, mother of mercy, elect her, then we will deserve everything we get.

I want to know exactly how many black, Hispanic, Native American, GLBT or poor people were in attendance.  I want to know how many of the marginalized people of this country (aside from women, of which there were many) count themselves among their ranks.

Sarah Palin is not irrelevant, but she should be.  In the hope that we tune her out and make her disappear, McBone will do its small part.  This is the last time I will blog about her.  Ever.






Kid Shay said...

You're right about the media fueling this fire. Palin is a bad joke that the press never gets tired of repeating.

Kathy said...

Palin is not a woman, she is a guy that had bad sex change surgery. A totally incomplete transexual. Believe me, I know women, and she is NOT one of us.