Sunday, February 21, 2010

Ditto That Sentiment

Though the output of our kitchen may not match my brother's in terms of sheer quantity, we like to think that we hold our own when it comes to quality.

Behold!  In its glory sits cooling a genuine McBone style lasagna.  Layers of cheese, sauce and pasta bubble in my late grandmother's heavy duty, lime green, fifties-era casserole.  Flavors of nutmeg, fennel, basil and oregano meld in symphonic harmony.

Not pictured: my wife slobbering like the lasagna fiend that she is. 

Paired with a tossed salad and a bottle of 2007 Cavalchina Bardolino, and I'd have to concur that life is, indeed, good.

Please note that nowhere in these two food-related posts does mayonnaise come into play.



Anonymous said...

Wow, you sure don't have kids at your house. Things eaten at our house today:
2 pieces toast
3 pieces re-heated pizza
Box of chalky valentine’s hearts
Ice water


Kid Shay said...

You know who else loves lasagna? Garfield.

McBone said...


That sounds gourmet. Don't you know that cold pizza is way better than reheated pizza?

Kid Shay,

That fucking cat may live in Indiana, but I'm not inviting him over for lasagna.


Jeffrey said... delicious.....

Lauren is real jealous and now just spit on all the cooking I did the last two days because she would have preferred lasagne.