Saturday, January 23, 2010

Meet the McBonemobile

Behold the sleek lines and menacing stealth of the McBonemobile, AKA Serafina Pekkala.

She's a beauty, I know, but there's more to the McBonemobile than just looks.  Housing a souped up yet highly efficient 1.7 liter engine with 127 horses pulsating beneath the hood, Serafina frequently reaches velocities that would have demolished land speed records in the 1920s.

Should you hear a deafening roar and spy a mysterious vapor rising from the scorched asphalt, you'll know the McBonemobile has just blazed through your neighborhood, burning rubber in the name of justice.

The "EX" stands for "EXtremely disgusted by the continued legality of mayonnaise production, retail and consumption in this country."
Named for the goddam hottest witch ever to straddle a broomstick, Serafina Pekkala's sex appeal has often made her a target of thieves, all of them lusting to settle into her soft interior contours.
Happily, a state-of-the-art "car alarm," conceived and installed by the McBone engineering team, has thus far proved more than a match for a criminal class that would use this ultimate weapon in their sinister quest to bring the sandwich world to its knees.
The McBonemobile! You may not see her, hear her or even think about her, but isn't it nice to know she is there, ever vigilant and on the prowl?



Kid Shay said...

Now if you could only get Eva Green in the backseat...

McBone said...

I think Alex and I would both quite enjoy that.