Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pat Robertson: Still Stupid

Pat Robertson has always practiced a special brand of idiocy, like when he blamed 9/11 on homosexuals, or the time he publicly called for the assassination of Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez. Such rhetoric is so profoundly and embarrassingly and impossibly stupid that we can only assume he says this stuff to get attention, which makes it even worse.

Now he's blaming the Earthquake that struck Port-au-Prince on Tuesday on a pact the Haitians made with the Devil 200 years ago in exchange for freedom from the French.  I cannot fathom the delusions running wild in this man's mind, but I suppose he believes Haitians must spend their hours smearing chicken blood everywhere and sticking pins into dolls.  Just listen to this:

No one in their right mind would call this a blessing in disguise. No one with an atom of human compassion could look at this with such a deranged sense of optimism.  Clearly, a devastating natural disaster, after decades of brutal dictatorship, grinding poverty, malnutrition, starvation, flooding, disease and just an unrelenting torrent of human suffering in general, isn't enough to generate sympathy in one our country's most visible religious leaders.  With people buried alive in rubble and tens of thousands already dead, he doesn't weep or pray or pledge his support for this nation of fellow Christians.  He'd rather wag his fucking finger at the victims.

While Pat Robertson talks, people are mobilizing.  Haiti needs help.  Please donate disaster relief.