Saturday, January 30, 2010

This Blogger Prefers Big Irv's Salmon Jerky

When I'm writing a man-sized blog post, I tend to work up a man-sized hunger.  In those moments, I know a handful of Goldfish crackers just won't cut it.  I need real fish, and I need it right now.  That's why I like to keep a tin of Big Irv's Shredded Smoked Salmon Jerky Chew on hand at all times.  One pinch of Big Irv's is all it takes to keep this salty dog a-bloggin'.

Big Irv's Shredded Smoked Salmon Jerky Chew--it's McBone's choice for pocket seafood. 

Also available in catfish, sturgeon and clam.



Slider K. Shaftacular said...

Wouldn't that taste better with mayonnaise?

McBone said...

You let me know.


Kid Shay said...

This proves that sometimes the best blogging is simply coming up with a hilarious premise and executing it perfectly.

Kathy and Dave said...

Zooey Deschannel would never kiss you with the rancid breath of salmon and crab on your lips ----hopefully your wife would never either!!! (Kathy)

McBone said...

They both would, are you kidding???