Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Killing Ted Kennedy Again

Is there a full moon tonight?  Massachusetts, what the hell is going through your mind?  Is this how you honor the legacy and service of one of your native sons, whose dedication to health care reform in part paved the way toward legislation that, for a fleeting moment, seemed on the verge of reality?  Do you squander the supreme advantage of having the presidency, a majority in the House AND a filibuster-proof Senate by, good god, VOTING FOR THE REPUBLICAN TO TAKE EDWARD KENNEDY'S STILL WARM SEAT?

OK, maybe Martha Coakley ran a lame campaign.  Maybe she's devoid of charisma.  Maybe she deserved to get trounced.  But for the love of all that's holy, why now?

For your betrayal, Massachussetts, you have earned the first ever McBone Seal of Disapproval: McBah!



Anonymous said...


Four things about MA that most people outside the state don't know.

One, the population in MA has decreased every year since then (the younger population has left in droves).

Two, Dems in MA took it for granted and didn't come out in droves like they did in '08 (granted, Coakley did well in the big cities, but in the 'burbs Dems didn't show up).

Three, people in the state are panicked out of their minds about the economy. When they see the bailouts to the banks & auto industry with unemployment continuing to rise and having no end sight, people are gonna throw out any party that is in power in Washington (regardless if the majority of the problems were problems they inherited from a previous party in charge; people have shorter memory spans these days).

Finally, MA has already gone down the universal health care debate before. And what has it turned out? Everyone's covered, but we have the highest premiums in the country that increase 18% a year (with no cost controls in place). So, we've been dealt this card before, and people are, frankly, pissed off.


Kid Shay said...

I like KB's take.

As an outsider, it didn't seem like Coakley had many positives going for her. I'd prefer to vote for someone I like rather than against someone I don't.

McBone said...


People are right to be pissed. I guess I'm just clutching on to a lame hope that health care here could be half as good as we received in France. The realist in me believes that this election won't have a big impact on health care at all.

Kid Shay,

I like his take too. Often I get caught in the trap that has me thinking the dems are way better than the repubs. Maybe we should launch our own party.