Friday, July 8, 2011

What Recession?

Take a look at this awesome clout and tell me what's wrong here:

Nothing wrong at all with a game winning grand slam with one out in the bottom of the ninth.  That's just about the most exciting play in all of professional sports.  If only someone had been there to see it.

Yes it's true that I hate the Dolan ownership group, but I'm wondering if anyone in NE Ohio has checked the AL Central standings lately:

Cleveland     47 - 39

Detroit         47 - 42

Chicago        43 - 46

Minnesota     39 - 47

Kansas City   36 - 52

That's FIRST place, people.  In July.  The vast desert that is the upper deck is no longer acceptable.  The hell with the owners.  Celebrate the players and this pennant race, whatever it amounts to in the end.

Get to the park!


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Darin said...

It's amazing to see the Tribe in first place. That walk-off grand slam is unbelievable, pretty much like the entire Indians' season. Nancy & I were talking about the idea of the Giants vs. Indians in the world series this year (because it could happen). She was shocked when I immediately said I'd root for Cleveland. I'd have to.