Saturday, July 16, 2011

Of Birds n' Booze

As it turns out, yesterday's luna moth indeed prophesied good things to come.  Lately I've been prowling some of Lafayette's best birding turf in search of a red-headed woodpecker.  My persistence paid dividends today when we were treated to not one but two stunning examples of Melanerpes erythrocephalus.  For 20 minutes we watched as a mating pair circled Celery Bog in search of succulent, six-legged sustenance.  As if that wasn't enough, we officially achieved woodpecker nirvana when two pileated woodpeckers came bopping along.  I could hardly believe my luck and was almost surprised that an ivory-billed didn't turn up, just for the hell of it.

Now I invite you to enjoy these pictures of me drinking a Booth's martini on the rocks with a twist and three olives.  Notice the sweating glass, my quavering hand, and five elements--gin, vermouth, ice, citrus, olive--merging in beverage perfection.  What a miracle I was able to hold the camera steady:

Over the years I've cultivated a certain skill in mixing very excellent martinis.  That is not meant to be a boast but the recognition of a lifelong pursuit come to fruition.  But where I really excel is in drinking a martini.  Call it a vocation, a genius even.  We all have our talents; I'm one of the lucky few to have realized his early in life.

Happy Saturday, everyone!


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Darin said...

Congrats on being half way through your Not-a-Baby-Blog Challenge. I'm sure the gin is helping.