Friday, July 15, 2011

The McBone Bugwatching Journal; A Great Big Green Winged Creature

This, easily the biggest bug I've ever seen, came bonking against our window with enough force for me to wonder what kind of bird was trying to get in.  Twice the size of a hummingbird and just as beautiful, the exhausted insect rested long enough on the front stoop for me to shoot a few photos with my favorite tool of espionage, the 'camera phone.'

What can this be but a really good Friday omen?

Goodnight, friends, and happy weekend.



Tim Lesher said...

That's a Luna moth.

We had one in our house the week after we bought--like you, we thought of it as a good omen!

McBone said...

Did you think it was a bat at first?

That house is bound to be a very good house for you. Thanks for reading!