Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The McBone Not-a-Baby-Blog Challenge

Sorry, my creepy looking son.  It's timeout time for you.
At a tequila-soaked social gathering this past weekend, I was informed by several of the guests that posting twice about a burgeoning child officially makes any blog, regardless of how many years of non-baby blogging it has in the bank, a certified (and dreaded) 'baby blog.'  I was also told in no uncertain terms that titling a post 'Not a Baby Blog' does not negate the fact that the subsequent post is about the baby.

Aghast, I sought an escape from this doom: What will it take to not be a baby blog again?

There's nothing you can do.

What if I post 10 consecutive non-baby posts?

Maybe, but--

But you don't think I have what it takes.

No, and until you somehow manage, we'll be holding on to these...

To my horror, I discovered these besotted miscreants had somehow come into possession of my testicles, suspended in a briny liquid within a sealed mayonnaise jar.

So here we stand, McBoners.  It appears that not even my triumph at Wimbledon the following day can help me get my mojo back.  Thus ten baby-free posts are to follow.  I hereby endeavor to have all qualifiers effaced from my good blogging name until this baby blog is, once more, merely a blog.



Kid Shay said...

Ever since we got Bak-Bak, I can only think about gorillas. This will be quite a challenge for you.

Lisa C said...

We'll be counting! :)
Tequila is nice....