Monday, July 18, 2011

The McBone Birdwatching Journal: Now in HD

So, I was talking to my buddy Jim on the phone the other day and lamenting the abysmal quality of my nature photography.  He seemed pretty distracted, which probably meant he was in the editing room or something, but I have to admit to being slightly hacked off at his apparent lack of interest in my problem.  Well, perhaps I was too hard on the guy, because when I came home from work yesterday I found a package on the doorstep.  Boy was I surprised to discover that ol' Jimmy had sent me one of his spares!  Now, thanks to technology (and the filmmaking savvy of my sometimes-pregnant wife), you can watch our videos in stunning SUPER HIGH DEFINITION:

This immature red-bellied woodpecker, whose youthful exuberance is captured here in crisp, clear HD imagery, has been picking at a luscious cake of nuts and seeds for the past several days.  Note the head, conspicuously lacking the trademark red cap it will develop in maturity, and the sheen of wide-eyed curiosity as first a moth and then a house finch zip by.

Ah, enjoy these moments, innocent fledgling, and a word of advice: the squirrels are watching, so feast, feast while you can!*


*Too late.  They got it


Cinematheque for All said...

You are bringing Audobon's drawings into the 21st Century. You may want to consider changing the name of the blog to "Audobone and McGraw" (or how about macaw?).

No sandhill cranes in Nebraska in July, by the way. But my parents' bird feeders were frequented with a couple different kinds of orioles (the grape jelly gets them every time).

McBone said...

Audubone and McGraw! I'm stealing that for sure.

Ah, lucky parents. I've tried luring orioles here with no luck. Maybe I'll put some jelly out!