Sunday, June 19, 2011

Serial Hedge Trimmer Strikes Again

Today I spent 2 hours pulling weeds and trimming trees in response to the slightly psychotic action taken by a neighbor yesterday.

To me there are better ways to make a grievance known.  A note in the mailbox?  A friendly knock on the door?  I suppose I'm a little old fashioned that way.  Anyway, I get it.  Things were overgrown.  The sidewalk was crowded.  I leaped to action.

Apparently my gesture of reconciliation wasn't enough:

The first time was amusing.  Now this shit's real.  It takes a lot to summon the rage of McGraw, but if I see this reptile sniffing around our yard again with his clippers, he's going to have to extract these razor sharp blades of decorative grass one by one from his ass.



Kid Shay said...

Does he have a pet dog? You could give it a mohawk.

Cait said...

That's hilarious. And based on your comment, I do not have intel. You're all alone on this one.

Europe is good. I haven't eaten a single thing I didn't like in Italy. (Knock on wood.) Even the train station food is good.