Friday, June 10, 2011

Cookie Crisis

We were just wrapping up what seemed an uneventful meal of Chinese carryout when I cracked open this cryptic fortune cookie:

I was baffled, and wanted more.  Per the cookie's advice, I visited the website, only to be informed that 'the domain name expired on 6/5/2011.'  Can it be that my fortune cookie fortune has expired too?  Is my destiny not only unintelligible but moot as well?  Should I play the lucky numbers in this week's mega lotto?  I don't know a goddam thing anymore.

As usual during times of existential crisis, I turned to my sometimes-pregnant wife.  She suggested that maybe the words 'a strong woman' had been omitted from the second phrase.  Possibly, but that would mean an irreconcilable clash between subject and verb.  Not likely, knowing what careful grammarians Chinese fortune tellers are.  No, I believe I am meant to take this as is, heaven help me.

How about it, McBoners?  Is there a deconstructionist in the audience?  You're my only hope.



Caitorade said...

Mmm Chinese takeout. Where do you get yours from?

McBone said...

House of Saigon, on the east side. It's actually Vietnamese, but they have a lot of the typical Chinese dishes. Pretty good.