Thursday, June 9, 2011

Drumroll Please

Don't hide the kids, McBoners.  What you're looking at is no hideous, eyeless, gape-mouthed demon from the sulfur wastes of hell.  On the contrary, my sometimes-pregnant wife had her first ultrasound today.  After squeezing a copious blob of warm goop on the distended belly, our genial technician (sitting in what looked to me like a space shuttle cockpit) began the fateful probe with her magic wand.  Nervously we watched as a silvery image of our child appeared on the screen.

The ensuing exchange went something like this:

Ultrasound Technician: So what do you guys think it is?

Us: (In unison) Girl.

Tech: (After making a game show buzzer sound) WRONG!!!

Wrong indeed.  From the deepest, darkest, happiest depths come these images of our son, William Miguel:

By all accounts, WM is healthy, active and absolutely, unequivocally a boy (junk not pictured):

For those of you not satisfied with mere photographic documentation of the McBonerito, enjoy some video footage of the squirmy little rascal.  Look close and you can see his little heart chugging away:

There is no describing what one feels upon seeing a child for the first time, so I won't bother with any grandiose or florid narrative.  I'm not trying to make you barf, after all.

Suffice it to say you cry.



Anonymous said...

Awww...finally a man child in this family...good going!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the boy club, guess we should have loaded you up with more clothes last time you were here! We love you and baby William!
Heather, Poet Mike and their 30 children

Kid Shay said...

That video was wonderful. Isn't it a little strange that the first movie of your kid (and the first time he was online) was made before he was even born?

Anonymous said...

I told you that you would cry


McBone said...

You were absolutely, positively correct about that.


Darin said...

Congrats. Also, I'm liking the name Miguel better than Arrocito. I wish you all the best luck for the next 18-20 years/lifetime.

art and lemons said...

Big congrats to you both!

smiledolly said...

Heh I have an MW and you are having a WM!!!!!!!!!!!Wow

smiledolly said...

heh Will Says thank you. He is honored!