Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Welcome to the Fold, Sioux Falls

According to that indispensable tool of self obsession called Google Analytics, sometime in early September an intrepid South Dakotan, huddled in an undisclosed location in Sioux Falls, made a brave choice and willingly defied the government-imposed embargo on this blog.  The duration of the stay was short, just a dip of the toes in the cool, calming waters of McBone, but one that will no doubt send ripples throughout the state, from the rolling prairies of Murdo to the placid shores of Woonsocket and beyond.

I hate to think what might happen to our champion of freedom should she fall into the clutches of ultra-secretive Chairman M. Michael Rounds and his ruthless gang of toughs.  If you are reading this, Sioux Falls, it may be best to log off, boot down and lie low for a while.  As your state's lone McBoner, you carry a heavy burden, but you've also painted a target on your back.  Be careful!  You're no use to us dead.


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Kid Shay said...

Dare to dream the McBone dream!