Saturday, September 18, 2010


Hey, Purdue Exponent!  Rape is a major problem on college campuses. We applaud the efforts that go into a student-run newspaper, but this attempt at humor is irresponsible and inexcusable (click to enlarge photo): 
To the artist behind this rendering: grow up or put your pens away. To those responsible for letting a comic like this run: you have exhibited the poorest judgment imaginable.  Take a moment to slap yourselves and then print an apology.

Protest here and here.



Mari ani said...

I'm shocked by this comic. Of course it is rape. I can see how college boys and others can see this as humorous, yeah if the woman in this situation has a great sense of humor about about being gangbanged by men she hasn't consented with.

I think this comic was published in poor taste. Not appropriate in a university setting.

Kid Shay said...

Disgusting, poorly drawn scribbles from an ignorant mind.
No redeeming qualities at all.