Thursday, September 9, 2010

Present Tense, the Inaugural Issue

As a PhD student, my sometimes popular wife has more free time than she knows what to do with.  Well, finally last summer she and seven other Purdue slobs decided to turn off their PlayStations and do something constructive with their lives.  After kicking around a few ideas (mah jongg club, conservative think tank, madrigal choir), they opted to start an online journal.  One year of weekly meetings and 20 million soy lattes later, this unlikely collection of roustabouts, rogues and ne'er-do-wells is ready to go public with the inaugural issue of Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric in Society. 

Present Tense is, in its own words, "a peer-reviewed, blind-refereed, online journal dedicated to exploring contemporary social, cultural, political and economic issues through a rhetorical lens."  Having poked around the site, McBone has a few words of its own to describe this new phenomenon, words like fresh, boss and bitchin'.

Already loaded with insightful articles and reviews, Present Tense is guaranteed* to increase your knowledge of rhetoric 100 fold on your very first visit.  While you're there, why not make yourself comfortable and read an article or two?  Got something you've been dying to say on the topic of rhetoric?  You've got a friend in Present Tense.  All you need to know about submitting an article or video of your own is there in plain old, rhetorically sound English.

Congrats to the entire Present Tense team and good luck in this worthy endeavor.  Had he lived, I'm sure Cicero would be proud.


*void in Hawaii

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nt a said...

This is great. I feel sad that Carlin worked so hard for this day to come and didn't get to see it. Or our massive, universal health care and justice for all, plus Justin Bieber. Makes you really appreciate life.

And great online journals like Present Tense - thanks for sharing.