Thursday, September 16, 2010

McBone Endorses...

I picked up this strategically placed card while in line for coffee at Comic Con a few months ago.  While I understand the hypocrisy of using a characiture of a Native American on this blog, the Rolly Crump-designed image does make a rather unsubtle point that McBone would like the throw its weight behind.

That's right, getting stoned is maybe not such a bad thing, even if Crump's rhetorical choice wasn't the best. 

That we are wasting taxpayer dollars incarcerating people for marijuana-based drug offenses, and not generating tax dollars by allowing the regulated sale of said substance, is total, utter and complete insanity.  That's why McBone endorses the decriminalization of marijuana once and for all.  C'mon, congress!  I know this country has kind of a prudish side when it comes to the things that make us feel good, but this reefer madness has gone on long enough.

Legalize it.  Regulate it.  Sell it.  Buy it.  Smoke it.

Or bake and eat it, if you prefer.



Kid Shay said...

I love you, Alice B Toklas!

Anonymous said...

Bake it. I love you Alice B Toklas.

McBone said...

Yeah, I love you too, Alice B Toklas.