Monday, August 2, 2010

What Gives, South Dakota?

What's up, South Dakota?  How ya doing over there?  Everything all right?  Are you keeping it real in So-Dak?  I'm only checking in because according to Google Analytics, y'all still havn't gotten the message.

Did you know that North Dakota has registered a hit on McBone?  In fact, all of the other 49 states have.  So has D.C.  Hell, even the ever mysterious "not set" has stopped by McBone three times.  But let's forget about the US for a second.  How does it feel to be lagging behind:

Latvia, where the people mostly speak not English (the official language of South Dakota and McBone) but Latvian

Qatar, which forgot that a Q must always be followed by U

Bahrain has registered two hits

So has Saudia Arabia, where it is forbidden to McBone

Georgia the state - 52 hits

Georgia the nation - 2 hits

You've got miles to go before you can match the United Arab Emirates (6 hits)

The island nation of Mauritius (pop. 137) is positively kicking your ass

As is the island nation of Fiji

And don't even think of trying to catch up to the island nation of Malaysia (according to Google Analytics, McBone is the 73rd most popular Ohio-based blog among island nations) and its 8 hits

You know who else, like you, has NO hits?

North Korea


Planet X

I don't know what it's gonna take to get you with the program.  Perhaps this entreaty will suffice.  Or maybe you're just pissed cause McBone's never visited South Dakota.  Aha!  That's it, isn't it?  Now I'm beginning to get it.  Yes, I think I understand.  McBone's only been around since 2007.  You've been a state since, what?  1890?  1889, you say?  Impressive.  Ok, ok, you win. I'm on my way.  Get Mount Rushmore ready while I fuel up the McBonemobile.  Prepare whatever other sights you have.  McBone is South Dakota bound!


PS: This post, like so many before it, was ripped off.


Cait said...

I can potentially fix this problem for you...

Kid Shay said...

When I was there I got no cell phone reception, so maybe they don't have internet yet.

Slider K. Shaftacular said...

My sister lives in South Dakota. I could hook you up in exchange for a case of red wine or maybe Travis Hafner. Or never mind, just the wine.

McBone said...

Cait: If you can mobilize your connections in S.D., McBone would thank you.

Kid: Possibly, but their website has raised my suspicions.

Shaft: You can have the wine, and I'll throw in a couple of bottles if you'll take Hafner.