Saturday, September 25, 2010

McBone's Resident Tiger Scout

In six months this kid (child #22/30 of McBone Poet Laureate M. Patrick Foliglio) will be able to do the following better than Uncle McGraw:

Tie a knot

Start a fire

Think on his feet

Help old ladies cross the street

Keep a promise

Dowse for water

Rescue a kitten

Steer a canoe

Perform CPR

Respect his mother (wife #3/5 of McBone Poet Laureate M. Patrick Foliglio)

Make a pinewood racer

Tell the truth

Clean a gun

Track a deer

Dig a cathole

Catch a fish

Fix things

Pitch a tent

Sell popcorn

Tame a bear

Wrestle an alligator

Be prepared

Save the day

Survive anything

Want to support our Tiger Scout's local pack and just happen to have a hankerin' for some popcorn? You're in luck!  Ask me how you can help.


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Anonymous said...

Here is the link to buy popcorn from me. Thank you for supporting my scout pack!