Wednesday, September 21, 2011

We Are All Texans Now

I don't know much about Troy Davis, except that he died tonight by lethal injection.  He could well have been a cold-blooded killer who shot a cop to death, but I'm in no position to opine on that.  This isn't about Troy Davis, anyway.

This isn't about morality, either.  I don't have any real objection to a murderer being repaid in kind.

What I believe, though, is that any state that hands down a sentence of death will eventually err.  Somewhere, sometime, an innocent person will die.

Capital punishment should exist only in an infallible system.  Maybe that's what our latest cowboy of a presidential candidate thinks he has down there in the Lone Star State.  I would argue that there's no such thing, and the practice, states' rights be damned, must be abolished forevermore.