Sunday, September 4, 2011

Letter of Love to my RHS Family

So many things in life piss me off.  Goverment, politics, mayonnaise, hate, cancer, etc. etc.  Life can be so stressful at times that it actually becomes difficult to function.  Had a slight meltdown two weeks ago in fact, I actually had to leave work....Which I NEVER do.  But when I'm with my crew all is right with the world...  So anyway....

I sat around the house today reflecting on how I spent my Saturday, but more specifically who I spent it with.  I have a group of friends that I went to high school with that I absolutely consider a part of my family.  When we are together nothing else that is happening in the world, or with our personal lives really matters.  It doesn't make a difference if we haven't seen each other in two days or two years, or how many times we've talked in between.  Regardless of what we're doing we are going to find a way to make it memorable. We just click, and we always have.  Then most of my friends went to OU and we added an entirely new set of people to our family, and to be honest, it's like they have been there the whole time.  Every time I met one of them, it was love at first sight, was.

We celebrated Jonny Congeni's 30th birthday last night.  Most of us are turning 30 this year, which is just baffling to me.  It seems like we were just sneaking out of the house to TP someone's house or drink some beers at the swing.  Or heading to lasertag and asking every person smoking for one cigarette till we had collected enough to fill a plastic bag.  Or partying at Flanagan's house for two weeks while Aunt Dee and Dr. Pat were out of town.  Our trips to Windsor were unreal.  The Bowler house party freshman year which still lives in infamy. Or just torturing all of our parents in any and all ways imaginable.  Insert very long and sincere apology here.  There are so many amazing memories, and so many more to come as we head into the next chapters of our adult lives.  I'm so proud of the people my friends have become and to the growing numbers being added through boyfriends, girlfriends, wives, husbands, kids, etc.  Heard many times that you should surround yourself with the type of people that will make you successful.  Well I can say without question that my posse is made up some of the most intelligent, most talented, sincere, exciting, passionate, and genuinly good human beings out there.  I would not be the person I am today if not for the influence of having all these people in my life for so long. 

I love you guys, and there is not a thing in the world that I wouldn't be willing to do for you. 



Marianne said...

We love you too!!

Ryan said...

Does that include driving 45 minutes to sandusky?