Friday, September 16, 2011

Indy, St Elmo, Buckeyes, and Browns!

I think maybe sometime early in my teens I decided that I was going to live life to its fullest.  Every opportunity to create a "memory" I was going to take, and every opportunity to do something "memorable" I would be open to the adventure.  Life is so fragile and I think people are so often held back from really doing the things they want to do.  Maybe it's perception, maybe it's financial, maybe they're just scared.. I don't know.  What I do know is that I'm not going to live that way, ever.

Anyway I'm not going skydiving or climbing Mount Everest.  In fact all I'm doing is traveling 5 hrs west to visit the phenomenal city of Indianapolis.  But these little trips, these little chances to do something different and fun are what make life so enjoyable. 

So on Saturday I'm heading to Indy with my tailgating posse and we have a very simple agenda.  Have as much fun as we possible can in about a 24 hr period.  Here are the steps:
1.) 12:00pm Saturday - Depart Cleveland for a road trip with all five of us in one car.  Love road trips!
2.) 5:30pm Saturday - Arrive in Indianapolis and check in at Hilton Garden Inn directly across the street from Lucas Oil Stadium
3.) 6:00pm Saturday - Head to ST ELMO steakhouse.  Gin martini first followed by the most incredible shrimp cocktail on Earth, and then the biggest steak they have
4.) 7:30pm - ???? Saturday - Head to local Browns Backers Bar, Scotty's Brewhouse, to watch the Ohio State Buckeyes roll over the Miami Hurricanes. Kevin Mack and Hanford Dixon will be in attendance.  Both of which came to Browns Tribute Night at a Monsters game last year.  Great guys.
5.) 8:30am Sunday - Head back to Scotty's for Browns pregame tailgate
6.) 1:00pm Sunday - Sit down in our row 15 endzone seats at Lucas Oil to witness the 1st Browns victory of the season.

There is a word I've heard people use to describe things that are generally considered to be way above average.  I think the word is AWESOME.  That is basically the only word needed to describe the next 24 hours of my life.

Oh - I'm also going to Maxi's in Little Italy for dinner tonight.  TREMENDOUS restaurant.


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