Thursday, September 8, 2011

How the hell do we put people to work?

One man, the owner and founder of Quicken Loans, has some ideas that I think have some merit.  Dan Gilbert has put his money where his mouth is, at the very least, you can't argue that.  The owner of a variety of companies in Detroit, Cleveland and Columbus, he has invested in the Midwest cities and believes in the Entrepreneurial Spirit of Americans. 

Ironic that we just recently celebrated Labor Day, yet zero jobs were created in the US market during the month of August.  We need to put people to work, and just as important, we need people to have the want to go back to work.  It is a two way street.

Not only that but we need the American public to reinvest in our country by starting businesses and taking risks in the marketplace. 

As soon as I can get the owners and founders of Gasoline Alley convinced that we should open Tremont Cleveland's Gasoline Alley, I'll be participating myself.  It's a no brainer and absolutely slam dunk for success in this market.

Take a look at Dan's blog  Great read in general, but specifically if you have a vested interest in the Midwest.  My response to his idea to create jobs is the last post.


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