Friday, September 9, 2011

Are you ready for the game?

I was asked that question maybe 35 times today, starting with the first person I saw when I got into work, the security guard.

It is amazing living in a city that can bring together every single walk of life.  No matter what race, gender, ethnicity, job, or where they live, we all have one thing in common. When you are in Cleveland starting in September, there is only one thing that "Are you ready for the game" can mean to us...  CLEVELAND BROWNS FOOTBALL!

It is an unspoken language that only Clevelanders understand.  This simple phrase is a bond between all of us that live and work in Northeast Ohio.  Deb (the security guard that greeted me this morning) didn't ask me if I like football, or if I like the Browns, she just wanted to gauge how excited I was that the Browns are kicking off a new era on Sunday @ 1pm vs the Cincinnati Bungals, I mean Bengals.  She didn't have to ask, she assumed, she knew that as a native of Northeast Ohio it was pretty much all I have been thinking about.

I love it.  I love the spirit and the camaraderie that the sports teams of this town bring to it's people. In less than 48 hours I'll be at my usual tailgate spot.  A group of us will be there overlooking the lake and beautiful Browns Stadium... eating my famous ribs, drinking from a keg of Great Lakes Commodore Perry, and enjoying the company of great friends. 



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McBone said...

YOUR famous ribs?

And get rid of that Braylon jersey!