Saturday, May 7, 2011


You can travel the other 49 states all you want; from the frozen wastes of Alaska to the untamed mountain roads of the American Rockies, you're not going to find any better truckin' than right here in Lafayette, Indiana.  I'm not talking about Teamster-style truck driving, mind you, or even the act of driving a truck.  Nope, I mean truckin', like the kind of truckin' that would make a Grammy-winning platinum artist proud.  Here's a highlight from the east side:

$4.28 a gallon?  Pffff! 

That's a big-ass truck hauling tires for an even bigger-ass truck.  You gotta admit--that's some serious motherfuckin' truckin'.

Not to be outdone, this badboy was spotted on the west side of the Wabash:

When you gotta ride, don't fight it

Cincinnati knows truckin' too, apparently

Nothing like a little Tea Party patriotism while you're truckin' F150 style. With the biggest payload in its class, there should be plenty of room by 2012 to chuck what's left of America in the back and drive it to safety.

Keep on truckin', Lafayette.


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